Freight One sees growth rates as separate from rising demand

Andrey Isaev, head of Freight One’s department that works with coal and steelmaking businesses, in an interview with Argus describes the operation principles of the company — one of the largest operators of opentop railcars in Russia.


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Company Today

Joint Stock Company "Freight One" (Freight One) is the leading freight railway operator in Russia.

The Company was founded in July 2007, and in November the same year began to manage its railcar fleet. By December 2007 the first branches of Freight One were launched in Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk and Rostov-on-Don, and by the spring of 2008 the branch network was fully developed. The structure of Freight One includes 14 branches offering client service covering the railway network in all regions of Russia. In Ukraine and Finland the interests of the Company are represented by Freight One in Ukraine and Freight One Scandinavia.

Freight One offers a full range of freight transportation services. Over 80% of our clients are leading industrial enterprises of the country. 3,800 employees ensure its efficient operation. In 2012 the total capacity of Freight One's transportation was more than 194.8 million tons. The Company's market share in freight transportation volume of Russia exceeds 14%.

Freight One is a subsidiary of UCL Rail, the railway division of Universal Cargo Logistics Holding (UCL Holding), an international transport group. The Group unites several major railway operators with the branch network across Russia, stevedoring companies in North-Western and Southern Russia, as well as the Volga, the North-Western and the Western shipping companies, and a number of other shipping and logistics assets.

The structure of UCL Rail includes LLC Independent Transport Company (NTK, holds 100% of JSC Freight One shares), LLC NTK-Wagon, as well as Gryazi railcar repair depot, a joint venture with JSC Russian Railways. The property of UCL Rail includes over 210 thousand freight cars, including about 112 thousand gondola cars and over 55 thousand tank cars. 


cargo park

Rolling stock under JSC Freight One management:

44,7 thousand tank cars

112,3 thousand gondola cars

11,7 thousand cement hoppers

5,3 thousand mineral hoppers

16,7 thousand box cars

3 thousand platforms

1,3 thousand rolling stock of other types

Total 195 thousand railcars.

 Primary activities

  • freight transportation using private rolling stock
  • forwarding
  • freight transportation using third party rolling stock

Guiding principles

  • delivery of high quality, advantageous and convenient service
  • long-term partnership
  • responsibility for the transportation process
  • continual development and initiation of new services